Hire Honesty
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Hire Honesty

Then Trust Your Employees
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Bill McConnell
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If you want good employees, you need to know which quality makes them good. What makes some workers show up on time, perform admirably, work enthusiastically, get along with coworkers, and make conscientious decisions? That supreme quality is honesty, and its the character equivalent of the good-worker gene.
In Hire Honesty, author Bill McConnell explains how good-worker genes affect the productivity, compatibility, and profitability of your business. Then he provides details and specific methods for screening, selecting, and managing employees so they will become and remain productive and contented in their jobs. He describes the tools needed for effective interviewing and hiring and he shows employers how to use them. Employers will learn about:

honesty as the foundation of exceptional job performance;
good-worker genes;
managed conversations;
all-about-you interviews; and
trust as the principle motivator for honest workers.

McConnell, who spent twenty-eight years as CEO of Patusan Trading Company, a wholesaler and importer of oriental rugs, and five years as general manager of Triple Creek Ranch, named the worlds top-ranked luxury hotel in 2014, developed and implemented the techniques of Hire Honesty in settings as diverse as remote Himalayan villages and elite American resorts. Simple and practical, these methods and principles help businesses run more smoothly, cultivate happier employees, and experience rising profits.

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