Songs of Crocus Hill
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Songs of Crocus Hill

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Michael E. Murphy
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Most of us wish that our parents and grandparents had left more about themselves and what moved them for us to read and talk about today.In Songs of Crocus Hill, author Michael E. Murphy presents a poetry collection that focuses on memory poemscandle-lit vignettes related to the memoir genre. The people, places, and experiences he imagines are drawn from his years growing up in the Crocus Hill district of St. Paul, from his experiences as a parent, and from his travels abroad as an international lawyer. Touching and funny, they tell stories of a boys encounters with teachers, sports, girls, and immigrants; of a mans encounters with the loss of family and friends; and of the long arc of romance to love. Through these verses, striking a balance between the narrative and the lyrical, he seeks to help you discover the Crocus Hill in your own life.
This collection of poetry presents a personal narrative in verse, offering a lyrical exploration of one mans recollections of the past.

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