The Suicide Solution
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The Suicide Solution

Understanding and Dealing with Suicide from Inside the Mind of Someone Who’S Been There
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Frank Selden
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To convince yourself or someone else that suicide isnt the answer, you must first accept this reality:
For some people, it is the answer.

When Frank Selden came home from a tour in Iraq, having been deployed as a member of the Washington Army National Guard, he was a changed man. He went from being a loving father, supportive husband, and proud soldier to someone who no longer loved his country or his own life.

He lived for several years under a dark cloud and tried killing himself four times. He should have died each time, but something providential intervened.

In The Suicide Solution, he examines how he regained his joy for living and initiates an honest discussion on suicide, including its benefits. Making blanket statements such as, There is nothing to gain wont do anything to prevent suicide among those who see it as an attractive option.

With an average of twenty-two veterans killing themselves every single day and with suicide being the second leading cause of death in the 15 to 34 age group, its time to rethink suicide from the ground up.

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