Things to Do When the Power Goes Out
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Things to Do When the Power Goes Out

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Victoria Hoyt
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A big storm comes to town with wind and hail, and the power goes out! What is a family to do in the dark? Theres no television, no computer, and even no microwave. The adults might get grumpy; the kids might complain. But youll soon find there are plenty of things to do during a storm and plenty of ways to brighten the night.
First, you better find some matches and light candles. Wrap up in a big blanket to stay warm. Maybe venture to the kitchen and get a delicious snack. Listen to all that wind and rain beyond the windowpane. It might come as a surprise, but it can be quite an adventure when the power goes outeven lots of fun!

As a family, build a fire in the fireplace. Tell stories, sing silly songs, and even make shadow puppets on the wall. Difficult as it may seem, its possible to find the light in any situation, even when surrounded by the dark. Learn to see life through a positive lens, no matter the circumstance because a glimmer of hope is always waiting to be found.

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