Growing a Healthy Child
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Growing a Healthy Child

Secrets from a Wise Old Doc
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William P. Smith Jr. D.D.S.
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Raising a child is a parents most important job. But theres a lot to learn and know. In Growing a Healthy Child, author Dr. William P. Smith offers a step-by-step reference guide starting at pre-pregnancy and going through eighteen years old.
From a dental perspective, Smith discusses a wealth of information about a variety of topics, including how to grow a:

healthy parent-child relationship;
healthy TMJ system;
positive sense of self-worth and self-esteem;
great smile;
mouth with no cavities and no need for shots, drilling, or fillings; and
healthy child.

In addition, Smith shares his knowledge about: dental emergencies, new orthodontic treatments for overall health, the airway and sleep, healthy jaw joints, posture, Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, dental insurance, and more.

Filled with practical advice, Growing a Healthy Child offers a well-rounded resource to help parents promote their childrens health and wellness and provide the healthiest possible start to life.

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