Dear Love
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Dear Love

A Collection of Love Letters Written to Love
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Chamia LaRae Chambers
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Author Chamia LaRae Chambers is a self-professed, hopeful romantic and mush face. Her optimistic outlook on life and love has inspired her to counsel many who hope to someday experience true, selfless, and unconditional love. In Dear Love, she shares a collection of letters penned to an unnamed lover, affectionately called Love.
Chambers addresses a host of situations where love plays a central role: loving someone so deeply, but not being able to find the words to express the emotion; experiencing soul-enrapturing passion; and enduring hurt but still intent on finding love. Each of the letters was inspired by the spirit of another person, a song, and raw emotions. Some are created from actual occurrences, and some are based on dreams and hopesbut they all center on real emotion.

Provocative and sexy, romantic and emotional, Dear Love shares encounters with Loveand offers an opportunity to reflect on ones connections with their own love.

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