I Think My Daddy Can Only Count to Three!
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I Think My Daddy Can Only Count to Three!

Adventures with Mollie and Ollie
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Mollie is certain her dad only knows how to count to three. When its time to go to bed, he tells her she has until the count of three to be ready for sleep. When its time to practice the piano, he counts to three and then its time to begin playing. For Mollie, it seems her dad always does things in threes, including giving hugs and kisses and saying good night.
But Mollie believes her dad doesnt understand that it takes longer than three seconds to get ready for bed or to get dressed in the morning. Shes going to teach him to count to ten.

One of a series of books written and illustrated by Chaso, each story features Mollie and Ollie as they learn valuable lessons and share important messages about everyday life.

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