A Potpourri of Fictional Short Stories
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A Potpourri of Fictional Short Stories

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Bernard Busovne
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Both heroes and villains have lived among us for centuries. In an entertaining collection of short stories, Bernard Busovne offers a fictional glimpse into history through the eyes of diverse characters who teach through their experiences that life is often more unpredictable than not.
Forty-five minutes into the first battle at Bull Run, Edmund Personage is hit by a rebel musket ball that ends his military and firefighting careers. As his unhappiness leads him to a new beginning as an apple farmer in California, he has no idea that a gift of several camels will eventually change everything again. It is 1846 as twenty-two-year-old Simeon Thatcher attempts to survive the perils along the Oregon Trail. When he spots something shiny just off the trail, Simon is about to realize that friends sometimes appear in the most unexpected ways. Hans Schuckers is an eighteenth century clockmaker who lacks skills as a businessman. When his failure to pay his debts lands him in jail, something mysterious begins happening to all the clocks in his town.

A Potpourri of Fictional Short Stories shares imaginative tales that lead others back in time as a variety of personalities attempt to tackle lifes greatest challenges.

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