The People’S President
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The People’S President

In the Nation’S Service
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John C. Bednar
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Dr. George Franklin is an idealistic yet practical political science professor at Princeton University who is fed up with the current political scene. In mid-April of a turbulent election year, George surprises everyone when he calls an Associated Press office and calmly announces he is throwing his hat into the ring as an Independent candidate for the office of the President of the United States. After he proclaims he will not spend his own money or accept contributions to run his campaign, George has no idea of the firestorm he has just unleashed.
After Georges surprising yet intriguing announcement, he summons help from respected campaign manager, Larry Stanton. While a growing number of supporters rally around him, another presidential candidate meets tragedy head-on. As George uses the press and social media to motivate the American public to actively participate in the political environment while eliminating the power of the dollars influence, his radically different approach to American politics touches a nerve. Now only time will tell if the citizens can transform the political process or whether the powerful leaders within the current structure will succeed in stopping them.

The Peoples President shares the tale of a political science professors quest to run for the highest office in the United States and, in the process, change the future of his great country.

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