From Parkinson’S to a Poet
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From Parkinson’S to a Poet

Laughter and Tears Poetry Collection
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Melody Eddins
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As I walk this journey, I may stumble and fall.I may even freeze at times or have no expression at all.
I continue to shake, rattle, and roll,
But there will always be peace way down in my soul.

Lifes journey is never without obstacles, and for one woman diagnosed with Parkinsons disease, Gods steadying hand and her faith in his guidance were the encouragement she needed to confront her lifes battles and face the truththat while life can have its share of tears, illness, and death, it can also fill our souls with love, laughter, faith, and family.

In From Parkinsons to a Poet, author and poet Melody Eddins shares her observations about life and creation, and she especially opens a window into her experiences living with Parkinsons disease. With both touching and humorous poetry, Melody introduces the characters and events in her life that inspired her to recover and heal with faith and dedication. And although there will be tears, Melody invites everyone to both laugh and cry along with her through her inspirational, faithful journey.

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