Breaking Free
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Breaking Free

A Journey for Survival
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Henry Radoff
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It is 1938 and Adolf Hitler has just become the supreme leader of Germany. In Freiburg, a Jewish doctor learns that he, along with all other doctors of his faith, will be reassigned to practice in ghettos. Determined not to become victims of the Nazi occupation, Herschel and his wife, Sophia, hastily make plans to escape.
As their quest to survive begins, the couple journeys deep into the Black Forest to reach a guide who will help them cross the Swiss Alps to a refugee camp. But what Herschel does not know is that his wife is pregnant and that their journey will be even more challenging than he imagined. As they race against time, they are joined by an older couple and their granddaughter. Finally when the group arrives at the base of the mountains, they realize that their guide is not a man, but instead, mans best friend. As another joins their expedition, now only one question remains: how many of them will make it over the mountain range before the German soldiers find them?

In this book based on true events, a Jewish doctor, his pregnant wife, and four others attempt to escape the Nazi occupation by embarking on a journey of salvation, with help from a prodigious, furry guide.

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