The Bright Red Mark
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The Bright Red Mark

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J. Ciofalo
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When Keiko is born, she looks beautiful, except for one thing. A bright, red mark adorns her right cheek. It isnt large and it doesnt hurt, but still people stare at Keiko with great curiosity.
At two years old, Keiko notices the spot on her cheek. Her mother says its a sign shes going to be a great artist someday. Keiko tries to fulfill that prophecy, but she becomes frustrated when her efforts dont produce beautiful works. For a time, she withdraws, feeling sad and angry. But her friends convince her she can be wise and happy. Keiko spends her time with the Moon, Tree, and Snow, and she grows to be a respected woman who has painted a beautiful life.

This picture book for children shares an important story about one little girl who was born with a birthmark and how she overcame the stigma to be beautiful inside and out.

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