A Theory of Nothing
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A Theory of Nothing

How Is the Finite Reality Created from the Infinite?
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D. N. Warren-Smith MSc.
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From the day we are born, life is teaching us lessons. Whether it is how we navigate our physical environment or our socio-cultural surround, we are constantly trying to make sense of our reality by listening to these life lessons. Yet while many of life’s lessons reinforce our reality, every so often life’s lessons present us with a curious idea—that everything out there, our reality, may not be as “real” as it seems.

A Theory of Nothing: How Is the Finite Reality Created from the Infinite? chronicles one man’s lifelong journey to develop life’s lessons into a concept of reality that challenges our preconceived notions of objectivity. Although we tend to think of the world around us and our reality as being a shared, objective world in which we live, author D. N. Warren-Smith furthers the philosophical argument that it is really our subjective perceptions that shape and even make the world around us. With compelling logical arguments and descriptions of personal experience, he shows that our most basic assumptions about the reality of our existence in fact keep the true nature of reality hidden from us.

Once we realise that there is no way to conclusively prove that we actually exist in an objective reality, we must weigh up the implications of a non-objective, subjective reality and what it means for our lives. We have a choice for our belief in what exists. How will you choose?

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