Life Is a Sales Job
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Life Is a Sales Job

You Can’T Score a Td If You Don’T Swing the Bat.
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Shirley Thom
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Shirley Thom, a stay at home mom, suddenly became a single parent at age thirty-one. To provide for her two daughters ages five and eight she needed a job.
While working at a radio station, Shirley moved from a support position to a career in sales. This enabled her to work on her own terms while earning the income that would allow her to fulfill her dreams. The radio station and subsequent employers and clients also reaped benefits from Shirleys move into sales. Over the years, shes delivered more than $150 million to those who have employed her skills.

In this guidebook to succeeding in sales, youll learn how to:

convince a company to give you a chance to work as a salesperson;

respond to the word no in order to get to a positive outcome; and

combine preparation with timing and opportunity to accomplish your goals.

Youll also find out what it takes to be a successful salesperson and what questions to ask to determine if the field is right for you. For instance, if you arent comfortable working on commission and want a steady salary, then you may not be cut out for a career in sales.

Join the author as she shares her personal story about how succeeding in sales has allowed her to live her dreams, and why Life Is a Sales Job.

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