Ghost on the Path
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Ghost on the Path

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Gail A. Webber
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Adobe Digital Editions
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In the 1600s, a brutal massacre on an island off the coast of New England leaves only one survivor: Sarah. Wounded and alone in the carnage, she fights to stay alive as she waits for her rescuers. Each night, she returns to a group of boulders along a path to the beach and listens to scavengers feed. That path is where she finally dies, but her spirit lingers on.
For more than three centuries, Sarahs ghost waits in the rocks for someone to save her. Most walk her path safely, but if they harbor dark emotionsanger, regret, hopelessness, or griefshe awakens. Sarahs spirit does not carry ill intent, but her presence magnifies the darkness in anyone she touches, producing rage, violence, suicide, or madness. Few manage to escape.

Three groups in particular encounter Sarahs ghost: a whaling family in the 1800s, a young boy in the 1940s, and an elderly man in the present day. Each of them wants something, each has something to learn, and each could save Sarah, but the price is high. If her ghost is ever to find peace and resolution, then someone has to risk everything for her sake.

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