Uncertainty Advantage
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Uncertainty Advantage

Leadership Lessons for Turning Risk Outside-In
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Gary S. Lynch
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Risk and uncertainty may sound scary, but todays best business leaders are navigating both to gain strategic advantage over competitorsand you can, too. This guide for business leaders examines risk and opportunity through the lens of some of the worlds most respected visionaries, including Howard Schultz, Andy Grove, Peter Huntsman, John Krafcik, Peter Leibinger, Doug Hepper, and many more.These visionaries looked beyond financial performance to see opportunitiesand they did so by understanding uncertainty. Then, they decisively acted to create measurable results that coincided with the future they envisioned.Find out how they did it, and learn how to:identify, define, and convert uncertainty into value;become more opportunistic when facing uncertainty;develop the skill to spot where advantages are likely to emerge; andcreate an environment where managers and leaders complement each other.Filled with case studies on companies such as Hyundai, Starbucks, Roche, and Intel, this guide delivers proven ways to create value and leverage uncertainty. It is the culmination of a decade of research and interaction with dozens of companies and growth leaders who prove that pursuing a market driven strategy to navigating uncertainty will gain measurable market advantage.

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