Compassion for Lou
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Compassion for Lou

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Dwight D. Van Vorst
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Lou is a young, sheepherding dog. Blind since birth, Lou cannot see anything; his world is completely dark. One day, Lou and his friend, Old Donkey, hear about a man named Jesus who heals people. The two friends believe if they can find him, Jesus will heal Lou and help him to see.
After searching for 177 days in a row, they finally locate Jesus. But Jesus has other plans, and Lou and Old Donkey cant get his attention. Disappointed, they return home. Lou so hoped he would be able to see the world like everyone else.

Compassion for Lou, a picture book for children, narrates a story of perseverance and patience as Lou learns that timing is every bit as important as faith, hope, and love when looking for a miracle.

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