Spiritual Mechanics
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Spiritual Mechanics

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Tanzia Mustafa MD
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Is the brain gateway to the soul? Is mind, spirit and soul are the same thing? What are the philosophical and theological perspectives of the soul? What is the connection between the brain and mind/soul/spirit?In Spiritual Mechanics author Dr Tanzia Mustafa delves in to the human mental processes in search of a distinctive programming or pattern indicative of a purpose.
In this discussion, she looks for common grounds of pihilosophy, religion and modern science to describe mental phenomenon. She surmises that the modern-day scientific approach might not lead to answers, but perhaps the approach of the ancients might. She chronicles her quest and findings in Spiritual Mechanics.
Dr Mustafa analyzes popular theories, such as the theory of evolution. She looks at the ideas of the philosophers, ideas of religions and modern scientific advances then delves deep to establish the presence of a Higher mind or the mind of God.
In conclusion, Dr Mustafa determines, in light of modern science, there is a purpose to human existence.

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