Princess Petunia and Me
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Princess Petunia and Me

Based on the Life of Petunia the Possum
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Toni Willey
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McKenzies best friend in the whole world is Petunia, a possum. She is extra special because she is a princess possum. A soft and furry creature, Petunia likes to have a comfy bed to sleep in, and she borrows items from around the house to make her nest. This little possum collects items like freshly ironed napkins, pieces of extra cloth, sparkly gold Christmas decorations, and even one of grandmas sports bras.Petunia is an interesting animal and has a funny way of doing a lot of things. She loves to hide in garbage cans and play in the freshly laundered clothing, and she loves to eat chicken, apples, bananas, and scrambled eggs. But most of all, Petunia is a good friend.
An informative and fun picture book for children based on the life of a possum and a little girl, Princess Petunia and Me dispels some of the myths and fears surrounding possums (opossums) through the eyes of a child.

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