Grandma Kardi and the Story Tree
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Grandma Kardi and the Story Tree

A Tale of Make Believe
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Karla Ridpath
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Grandma Kardis farm is a fun place. She has three dogs, one cat, and five chickens. There are always a lot of activities like tea parties, sleepovers, gardening, bonfires, and baking. But Grandma Kardi is especially good at telling stories under the tall tree in the backyard. She calls it the Story Tree.
Grandma shares a story about a sunny day when she spotted a tiny carriage made of a walnut shell being pulled by two grasshoppers, flanked on each side by a tiny guard each riding a grasshopper. She learns theyre the royal guards for Princess Marigold of the kingdom of Appletreetonia; they had been traveling for days to reach Storytreedom so the Princess can take the throne in her new kingdom. Grandma tells how she helped the entourage find their destination.

Through this make-believe story for children, Grandma Kardi and the Story Tree teaches kids how to get along with others, not to bully, and to be helpful always.

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