Annie Spills Her Milk
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Annie Spills Her Milk

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Anne M. Gorman
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Annie is so excited to go to school today! She is wearing her favorite shoes, and she gets to play with the dollhouse a bit before her schoolwork begins.
Today is her friend Catherines birthday, so as a special treat, the class has cupcakes and milk for a snack. What an exciting day! But then Annie spills her milk, and it goes all over the tableand all over Catherines pretty birthday dress too. When all the other students shout and laugh, Annie begins to feel very sad. The teacher, Ms. Kimble, tells her not to cry and that spills can always be cleaned up. But how does Catherine feel? Can she forgive Annie?

In this childrens story, Annie learns that accidents can happen to anyone and that its important to be understanding, forgiving, and kind.

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