Chalice of the Mystic Rose
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Chalice of the Mystic Rose

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Carol Calvert
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Centuries ago in what is now called Ireland, lived a Druid mystic named Beitha. This sequel to Beithas Sound, Chalice of the Mystic Rose, chronicles the lives of Beitha, a sound healer and Druid, and her friend Jenny who is a Christian. Beithas mother has been killed by the Zealots who are determined to destroy the power of women and the Goddess. These same Zealots are now after Beitha, who they believe carries powerful knowledge. As this story begins, Beitha is healing from a serious wound inflicted by the Zealots. Jenny has taken her to the most powerful healer in the land.
When she and Jenny are forced to part ways, Jenny heads to Father Padraigs monastery, where she pursues her unique gifts. During her travels, Beitha encounters a new friend, Deirdru. Both are guided to the sacred land of Glastonbury. There Beitha learns the ancient secrets of the chalice of the mystic rose.

Along the way these young women are beset with profound challenges. Their playful comraderie, courage and skills, along with help from various human, animal and fairy guides, leads them to their ultimate destinies.

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