Confessions of a Cyber Girl
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Confessions of a Cyber Girl

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Bristol Wedgewood
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Vantessa was a curious late bloomer growing up in New York when things began to change. Shed always been fascinated by adult behavior, even at a young age. She observed her mother and her many boyfriends and found a puzzle she couldnt quite understand. This humble beginning turns into a sudden awakening when she meets Beckley.
Beckley is a young con artist who gives Vantessa her first lesson in sexual pleasureand what a lesson it is. Soon, shes absolutely hooked on the guy and willing to do anything for him. She gladly tumbles headfirst into the world of dominance and submission and finds treasure she never expected as a shy girl from a broken home.

She literally dances to Beckleys tune on stage in front of spellbound male audiences. As the center of attention, Vantessa is in her element, and her sexual fervor never lessens. She becomes a professional harlot, embraced by many. Beckley may have been her teacher, but she is a woman hungry for more and up for anything.

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