Wisdom of the Universe
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Wisdom of the Universe

A Novel
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Gil Medina
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In the first half of the twenty-first century, the winds of renewal that drove the affairs of humankind near the end of the previous century are spreading democracy and the rule of law to significant portions of the world. But some twentieth-century discords remain unresolved, and fanatics, unable to organize official armies, turn to terror instead.When a shadowy extremist group deploys advanced technologies to kill off whole segments of the human population, Martin Molina emerges as a reluctant champion of the people seeking to help stop the massacre of innocents. A former marine who is deeply spiritual, he finds himself forced into working with military and law enforcement personnel from around the worldsome of whom were once his adversariesto locate the source of the tech causing earthquakes and spreading chemical and biological agents that are killing millions. Only time will tell whether he will succeed in protecting humanity from those seeking to harm it.
In this science fiction thriller, one man joins forces with a multinational team of experts to prevent a terrorist group from using advanced technology to destroy the world.

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