Twelve Sundays
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Twelve Sundays

A Novel Based on True Events
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Connie Dixon
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Sixteen years after high school graduation, Seela Black is called back to her hometown. Her twin brother, Sam, is in prison. Worse yet, he is gravely ill. As she prepares to leave her two successful businesses behind, Seela cannot help but fear what she will be walking into when she arrives on the island where she grew up.As her grandmother greets her with the news that her mother is going crazy and that Sam has terminal liver cancer, Seela is led on a journey of self discovery for the next twelve weeks as she reunites with her family and friends and attempts to find out why Sam has cut off contact with his family these past weeks. After she reconnects with Sam and struggles to accept his grim condition, he relays horrifying stories about the corruption and frightening events that have become part of his life behind prison walls. As love knocks at her door and death knocks on Sams door, Seela must not only help her twin find redemption, but also find a way to open her heart to all the possibilities.
Twelve Sundays shares a poignant tale based on true events as a woman returns home to help her twin brother find peace and forgiveness inside the prison walls.

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