I Can-Cer Vive
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I Can-Cer Vive

Live Free, Be Happy
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Monya Williams
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I CAN-cer Vive: Live Free, Be Happy shares the inspiring story of Monya Williams, a woman of indefatigable optimism, who survived sexual, physical, and mental abuse as a child. Living with the wounds and the attendant loss of her childhood innocence, she faced struggles in her relationships and bouts of deep depression in later years.Then, receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer and permanent partial facial paralysis, she endured more than thirty surgeries over a six-year span. In the pages of I CAN-cer Vive: Live Free, Be Happy, she tells her story for the first time. This unflinchingly candid narrative provides the details of a traumatic journey and its daily struggles that end, not in despair and surrender, but in true happiness and joy.
This book reveals how one woman who chose to change the plot of her lifes story from a horrific once upon a time beginning to an inspiring happily ever after ending.

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