Would You Believe Me?
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Would You Believe Me?

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Mariah Shepherd
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Sixteen-year-old Rose Mendez has the same dream every night. Shes at a playground with her little brother Gabe. Gabe wants to play hide-and-seek, so she tells him to go hide. The problem is, she never finds him. Her parents tell her to call the cops. A body is eventually discovered, but Rose doesnt believe its little Gabe. She wakes up screaming.
Its too bad the dream really happened. Now, her parents are dead, too, and Rose is being fostered by the Johnson family and their creepy son. Despite her bad luck, her first day at Riverview High School starts out all right. She finds a friend in Cameron, and a friend is what she needs since she thinks Gabe is still alive and shes made it her mission to find him.

There are people who think shes crazy. After all, they found Gabes body, and the DNA was a match. Rose has a theory, though, about what really happened that day at the playground. As she copes with the loss of her parents and brother, she becomes more and more obsessed with the investigation. Question is: who will believe her story?

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