Of the Dark
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Of the Dark

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Curtis L Alcutt
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Millions of years ago, the beloved daughter of a powerful sorceress is brutally murdered. Naturally devastated, Asase sells her soul to the Dark. In exchange, she receives the power to carry on an eternal curse on mankind. Now in present day, Asase possesses the body of mousy Oakland museum curator, Xylia Christian.
Asase, or Xylia as she is known in the mortal world, is busy immersing earth in unholy darkness. If she succeeds, mankind will suffer her wrath forever. While leading a legion of bloodthirsty, cannibalistic ghouls, she races against the clock to stop the only thing standing in her waya resurrected old man, Virgil Bodine. Accompanied by his ageless owl companion, Betoto, and a hulking stone guardian, Virgil advances from the east coast. As he fights his way through unimaginable horrors in an attempt to achieve the greater good, his mission seems all but impossible, until their paths finally collide and the fate of mankind is decided.

In this fantastical adventure, a resurrected old man sets out on a dangerous quest to stop a cursed demonic sorceress from carrying out her mission to butcher and destroy mankind.

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