Prison Diva
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Prison Diva

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Eden Kelley
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From the outside, Eden Kelley appeared to be living the life most women would envy. The talented wife of a music minister and mother of three boys, she had a nice home and was married to the man of her dreams. But soon after her marriage, her faith in God would be severely shattered when her dream becomes a nightmare.
Prison Diva shares Edens journey from abuse to finding Gods grace. As a young girl raised in a Christian environment, her beautiful home and the marriage she dreamed of would become a prison from which she could not escape. Through her own diary entries, Eden reveals how an abusive marriage and years of neglect would result in a string of events that lead her down a path of self-destruction. The diary becomes her best friend, and she is able to record her innermost thoughts, frustrations, and desires as she navigates the confines of a man and a marriage beset by dysfunction and abuse.

A true story of a womans desperate search for Gods help as she tries to escape from the cold, dark prison of abuse, addiction, and sin, Prison Diva chronicles Edens courageous journey back to Godand it stands as a testimony to his grace and forgiveness.

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