Lacy Fern
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Lacy Fern

Queen of the Good Times Charley’S Klondike Saloon . . . Where Eggs Are Worth Their Weight in Gold
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Lance David Heyes
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Just about anything goes at Good Times Charleys Klondike Saloon. Miners with gold dust and nuggets want to have the time of their lives and basically squander some of their hard-earned gold.
The first thing they run into is Lacy Fern. Her job is to ease some of that gold into her pile. Santa Bobs eggs are their weight in gold; her scales are slightly biased in her favor. Any spilled gold gets swept through cracks in the floor by Bobob, the saloons sweeper, who, later with a miners lamp and whisk broom, collects it for lacy.

Lacy is a gambler and a hustler; any egg deal could go double or nothin. She always wins. Santa Bobs eggs are pricey at best. All Santa mail gets delivered to Santa Bob and in a weird way he is keepin the dream of Christmas alive.

The girls at the saloon are wild, and all profits are split with Lacy. You can get anything you want at Good Times Charleysanything except Lacy Fern. You cant get Lacy, but boy, can she get you.

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