Ol’ Buffalo Hunter
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Ol’ Buffalo Hunter

Success Simplified
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R.M. Myers
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In the summer of 1848, a buffalo hunter named Gus met an old bull buffalo on the western plains.
It turned into a deadly encounter.

Many years later, a man is cutting the grass when he stops in the shade to rest. There, he comes upon the buffalo hunter dressed in buckskins and toting an antique buffalo gun.

In this guide to success, youll join the narrator as he learns Guss Hidden Secret Code of Success, which has been updated for modern times. Learn how to:

capture peoples attention in a world filled with movies, computers, sports, and concerts;

slow down and appreciate lifes everyday experiences; and

give children and loved ones what they need to succeed and be happy;

Gus never stops sharing a barrage of facts, stories, anecdotes, and revelations, and the narrator loses track of time. Guss magic allows the pair to travel to places unseen, and they learn that as our planet has grown, so has our collective consciousness.

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