Walking Patagonia
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Walking Patagonia

The Way
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Caspian Ray
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Like a conquistador drawn to gold, glory, and God, Caspian Ray has always felt a magnetic pull toward Latin America. He visits anytime he has the chance.
Of all the places that have captured his heart, Patagoniaa sparsely populated area shared by Argentina and Chilehas been the site of his defining adventure.

Here is a fairy-tale land divinely undefinable. It is the land of the corderos and gauchos as well as screaming westerly winds that whip up from Antarctica. Here is the way to love, death, corruption, God, sex, and pure energy, and they mix together in a concoction that you will never forget.

Join the author as he celebrates the spirit, and somehow finds love. In Walking Patagonia, everything is epic.

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