In Another Lifetime
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In Another Lifetime

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Scott “StoryTime” Sloan
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Six-year-old twins Zo and her sister, Noel are inseparableuntil the day she accidentally throws a rock at Noel's head in a fit of anger and kills her. After the half dragon, half human is quickly escorted to the borders of her childhood homeland, Zo is left all alone in the world.When Zo is saved from the brink of death by a monk returning to his mountain top monastery from a sabbatical, she begins training under the Master of the Guardian's watchful eye to become a Warrior Monk. But when a tragedy unfolds, Zo flees the monastery in despair, hoping to find solace in a city to the south without any idea that more unfortunate events are about to occur. As she transforms into a cold and callous assassin, shocking new information arises that Noel may still be alive. Now it is up to Zo to travel through time and space to defeat the Zombie Queen and save her sister. But will she make it in time?
In Another Lifetime shares the imaginative tale of a half dragon, half human who travels through parallel universes to battle evil and rescue her twin sister from a disastrous fate.

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