Led by God
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Led by God

A Monograph to Accompany Activate Human Capital – a New Attitude
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Billie K. Fidlin
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In a time when anxiety and brokenness have become hallmarks of so many institutions, this small volume abounds with wisdom and insight for those who seek a better way. Every page offers valuable perspectives on how leaders, in the church and beyond, can both value and benefit from the too often underappreciated gifts of our most valuable resource the people with whom we serve.

While the principles have been distilled into seven People-Centric insights, Morrison and Fidlin offer a path to transform entire human ecologies toward hope, worth and productivity. For many, the language of Servant Leadership has become just another shibboleth in these pages are insights that liberate anew the understanding that in all our ministry and service, all may gain in self worth and their true value to the community.

Philip Amerson, President Emeritus, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Richard Morrison and Billie Fidlin have proved that combining Christian ethics with modern business practice is not only possible, but is a winning combination for the church. Building upon their considerable experience in both secular and religious organizations, they have shown us a management technique that is both compassionate and effective. This is must reading for church leaders!

The Right Rev. Kirk Stevan Smith, Ph.D, D. D.

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