The Scorpion
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The Scorpion

A Novel
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Dom Contreras PhD
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Agent Gregg Johnson is called upon by the Brotherhood to investigate strange killings. However, Gregg and his fellow agents are soon forced to fight several fronts on the criminal landscape. With the help of two of Greggs nemeses, the infamous drug czar Scorpion has unleashed a highly toxic drug that stretches the limits of the FBI and ADF.
Greggs enemies, Fennemen and Heilman, are working with the Scorpion, but their goals differ. While the Scorpion hopes to keep control of his toxic drug, the other two men have been hired to find a manuscript and robe supposedly once belonging to the apostle Paul. Under orders from the Brotherhood, Gregg seeks this same artifact, which supposedly has healing powers.

In an effort to thwart his opponents, Gregg leaves on a quest to Europe, where the Scorpion threatens his life more than once. Gregg eventually winds up in Spain, searching the catacombs of a cathedral. However, he soon learns the Scorpion has not only issued a bounty on his head but on his loved ones, as well. He remains steadfast in his mission, putting his faith in God, because the only way to save the people he loves is to find the lost artifact in time.

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