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It’S Your Life. Star in It!
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Pat Blair Huntington Ed.D.
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Offering a combination of illustrative stories, theoretical discussion, and exercises, Star Power, by author Dr. Pat Blair Huntington, encourages youth to discover possibilities for satisfaction and success in life, career, and work. It offers tools to help teens work toward making positive changes and developing the skills that will help them achieve their goals.
Star Power, a program developed by Huntington, supports young adults facing self, social, and status relationship decisions. It includes self-assessments to evaluate the status of ones physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual being, and it looks at a host of social influences faced by teens. Using attitude testing instead of aptitude testing, this program offers ways to manage concerns and find solutions.

Using the SHINE model as a pattern, Huntington describes how decisions become more realistic and set the stage for success. Star Power discusses how to control achievement, attitude, and aptitude to help teens reach their goals and dreams.

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