Angel’S Blade
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Angel’S Blade

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Jasmine X
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After Angels sacrifice their lives to save a dying earth, the need for Hunters becomes more evident than ever. When Kai Santerre receives the Hunters mark on her sixteenth birthday, she is eager and ready. But now that the Demons, Werewolves, and Vampires have come out of hiding, her mother is less than enthusiastic about Kais new role.
After she intensively trains for over two years, Kai earns a reputation as one of the best Hunters in the world who is well known among both humans and creatures of the night for her abilities. But when she receives orders to report to the Cardinal League in Chicago, Kai is confronted with a familiar face and a mystery. Helped by an Asteri Blade, her cocky partner, and the support of her fellow Hunters, it is now up to Kai to connect all the pieces of an ancient puzzle to ensure a future she was once certain she could never have.

Angels Blade shares the compelling tale of a young hunters journey as she attempts to solve a mystery amid a world rampant with dark creatures determined to stop her.

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