Daughter, You’re Worth the Wait
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Daughter, You’re Worth the Wait

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Linda Hubbard
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If you are the parent of a teenaged daughter, now is the time to have an important conversation with her.
Daughter, Youre Worth the Wait offers a way for parents to start or continue a conversation with their daughters about growing up and waiting to have an intimate relationship. Rather than talking at young women and telling them what to do, author Linda Hubbard seeks to open up communication and allow young women to feel empowered to make their own positive choices about sexual relationships and intimacy. She reminds them about the power of self-respect and the love parents have for their daughters. While the text may stand alone, it can also serve as a companion piece if you plan to give your daughter a purity ring.

Designed for parents of teenage daughters, this work provides the basis for beginning a loving and honest discussion of the value of waiting to begin an intimate relationship.

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