How to Select an American President
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How to Select an American President

Improving the Process by Promoting Higher Standards
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James A. George
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Presidential campaigns often seem like popularity contestsand that needs to change.
While some savvy American voters are becoming more reflective about the need to carefully pick presidents, that hasnt stopped the system from being eroded by special interests that endanger our liberty and freedom.

The authors propose a disciplined approach for evaluating a candidates resume. In developing such a process, they share the resumes of the former U.S. presidents as well as a scoring method that can be used to compare them and prospective candidates.

By examining the credentials and performance of past presidents and using techniques employed by Fortune 500 companies to create a knowledge, skill, experience, and proficiency profile, we can make significant headway in selecting the best candidates.

Anyone can aspire to become president, but that doesnt mean we should elect our neighbor. Find out how to evaluate who is most qualified for the job in How to Select an American President.

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