Sugar Honey Iced Tea
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Sugar Honey Iced Tea

A Novel
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Leilani Mathews is a successful California M.D. who has always struggled with her self-image and worth. Shes trapped in a stale marriage with Darnell, who clearly doesnt appreciate her, but shes got her best friend Camilles support through the passionless days. Leilani wonders if its worth staying in her marriage, or does she have reason to search for something better?
She meets Evan Worthington and realizes life has more to offer than day-to-day drudgery. Evan is the sexy, passionate lure of something new, and he seems to carry treasures of wit and sensuality on a silver platterjust for her. With Leilanis self-confidence issues, though, shes not quite a match for his persistence, but Evan underestimates this enchanting woman.

Leilani still doesnt understand why someone like Evan would be so drawn to her. Insecurities keep her from giving herself over fully to his embrace, yet she cant seem to get him off her mind. Evan, meanwhile, has some demons of his own. Will these two find a way to break through the walls that keep them apartor will they miss their opportunity forever?

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