Quitting Hellish Christianity
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Quitting Hellish Christianity

Giving up Power and Following Jesus
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Robert D. Sessford
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It can be enticing in this day and age for Christians to seek influence and power in the world, yet this often means circumventing the true path that Christ has set out before us. Who would have thought that exerting power or influence over the direction of our culture might be exactly what Jesus does not want his followers to do?
Quitting Hellish ChristianityGiving Up Power and Following Jesus explores Jesuss words and thought-provoking insights when it comes to his expectations for what it means to be Christ-centeredwhich does not always mean Christian. Jesus said to his followers, If anyone wishes to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me, and author and minister Robert D. Sessford reminds fellow disciples of Christ that it is submissionnot the swordthat Jesus expects of us. Quitting Hellish Christianity turns the lens back on evangelical Christianity and asks whether Christ is truly a symbol of a willingness to submitor if he has simply become a symbol of victory or domination against a changing, liberal world.

Evangelical Christianity can often be hellish in attitude and craving of worldly influence and power. Yet Jesuss instructions to his disciples were to practice principles of love, forgiveness, generosity, and kindnesseven toward those who say Lord, Lord and still do not practice what he commanded. Quitting Hellish Christianity can help believers determine within themselves how to obey these commands of Christand teach others to do so also.

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