To the City
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To the City

A Stretch2smart Book
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Mary Jane Zakas
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Roberta and William have been putting their winter food in storageapples, potatoes, and squash, to name a few. After a hard days work, they have decided to reward themselves with an overnight trip to the city.
They keep an Adventure Book, going to special places from A to Z. Theyve worked their way up to P, so theyll make a special trip while in town to eat at the Plazia restaurant. Roberta and William have a list of exactly what they need and want to do while theyre in the citytime for shopping and fun. A life-threatening event begins their trip, but when things go well, they go really well. On their way home, a shortcut on the scenic route takes them to an unexpected place and causes an unusual purchase.

In this childrens book, a couple goes to the city to spend some time shopping and having fun, but end up having quite an adventure.

This illustrated verse features an appendix of facts about key elements in the story to initiate self-guided learning. A second appendix, STRETCH2SMART, is an interactive experience to help parents make reading fun for their children.

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