The Bike Writer
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The Bike Writer

Insights Discovered Along the Bicycle Paths of Life
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Jim Boeglin
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For almost seventy years, the bicycle has been a balancing influence in Jim Boeglins life.
His love affair began when his sister, Ann, taught him to ride at age five, paving the way for Jim to deliver newspapers by bicycle from ages 10 to 16. Seven days a week, hed deliver the Louisville Courier Journal throughout Ferdinand, Indiana, chugging up a seemingly endless number of steep hills.

Hes biked much of Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. About twenty years ago, he took a memorable bike trip through Germany with his wife and two friends, exploring the Romantic Road from Heidelberg to Augsburg.

Since his heart bypass surgery sixteen years ago, biking has been his ongoing rehab program of choice. He continues to bike in excess of six thousand miles per year.

In addition to biking, he also enjoys golf, which is a sport based on integrity. When a golfer intentionally breaks a rule, it can lead to a loss of reputation, loss of business relationships, and loss of friends.

Join Boeglin as he celebrates his love for biking and golf and shares important life lessons in The Bike Writer.

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