One in the Same
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One in the Same

Journey from Mortal to Sorcerer
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Douglas A. Breeden
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High school senior Michael Siversten has never felt very powerful. Hes a high school senior with a scraggly beard. He has something called Aspergers, which he researched relentlessly. He knows he says awkward things sometimes, and he needs a helper to get him through schoolbut he likes people, and people like Michael.
One night, hes troubled by a dream in which his old assistant and mentor, Alexander Davidson, exclaims Michael will soon be one and the same. The vivid dream is a bit of a puzzle, so Michael seeks Alexander out. What he learns is nothing short of shocking. Apparently, Michael is a sorcerer, and life is about to get a lot more complicated.

He must soon start a journey that will take him from the depths of Hell to the heights of Heaven. Michael will be introduced to the supernatural world of Palm Beachwhich some call the Carpathians of North America. Follow Michael and his journey through many trials and tribulations as he fights to become the powerful sorcerer he was born to be.

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