Get Rid of Your Stupid List!
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Get Rid of Your Stupid List!

Seven Reasons You Are Successful and Still Single
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T. L. Adams
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Have you ever wondered why you are successful in every area of your life except for relationships? Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the wrong onesand why you keep wasting time with them? Do you feel that you are not successful in relationships because men are intimidated?If so, author T. L. Adams can help. She is a divorced mom of two children, and she shares your pain, frustrations, and disappointments when it comes to dating and relationships. Her mission is to help women self-reflect and look at the real reasons that have kept them single. In Get Rid of Your Stupid List!, she presents a series of principles she has adopted in order to change her way of thinking and behavior in order to achieve different results. Adams breaks down the various factors that have kept her and other women single, and she shares dating tips that helped her make better choices and life lessons she learned on her dating journey.
Based on one womans personal experiences, this guide seeks to help you change the way you see relationships, men, and yourself.

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