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A Very, Very Special Dog
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Heleena McGee
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Meet Cuddles. Shes a mix of a Staffordshire terrier and a poodle. She looks a little unusualfor one thing, she has very long legsbut those who know her know shes very special.
Her first people-parents take her to a shelter when she is just five months old. Although she has many other dogs to play with, she is lonely and longing for affection. Luckily for her, she is soon adopted by a couple and gets a brand-new home. There she learns about how to go potty in the backyard rather than in the house, and she enjoys running and playing outside and swimming in the pool. She also gets to know her new house buddy, Dugi, a morkie (Maltese/Yorkie). Whats more, she has lots of tips to offer new dog owners to help them get their pets settled in.

This childrens story tells how a rescue dog is adopted into a family and finds a new and happy life with them.

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