Edgar’S Journey
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Edgar’S Journey

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Marion L. Dennis
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Edgar is just a young pup when hes abandoned and put out in the cold. He doesnt know what to do. Hes afraid and doesnt know how to survive on his own. He wanders around, looking for a place to live where people will love him. Occasionally, kind humans give him little bits of food. Sometimes it rains, and the puppy gets so cold and very sad. One day, a woman picks him up and puts him in her car. They drive to a place filled with other dogs, all barking and crying in their cages. The puppy gets a cage of his own, but soon, a lady named Lisa takes him away from all the barking dogs and the fleas. He gets a bath and a comfortable bed for sleepingbut Lisa is just a foster mom, not a forever mom.
Still, she is kind and gives the puppy a name: Edgar. Eventually, a woman in Maine emails about adopting little Edgar, but is it too good to be true? All Edgars life, he has only wanted to be loved, and this might be his chance. Maine is far away, though, and it will take some caring humans to get him there. Will he find his forever mom and the love hes been looking for?

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