Jesus and the Mysterious Gospel of the Kingdom
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Jesus and the Mysterious Gospel of the Kingdom

Can You See the Bird’S Nest in My Mustard Tree?
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Roger H. Grummer
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Christians are always encouraged to share the good news of Gods kingdom and spread Christs gospel message. And today, the gospel message tells us the good news of a promised Messiah who has comea personal savior who has already saved us from the eternal consequences of sin. Yet when Jesus himself shared this gospel message, he had not yet suffered and died on a cross, nor had he risen from the dead.
Jesus and the Mysterious Gospel of the Kingdom offers a contextual approach to understanding what Jesus meant by the gospel of the kingdom and how it will help believers discover fresh insights into what Jesus actually proclaimed during his time on the earth. With a knowledgeable, pastoral presentation, author and pastor Dr. Roger H. Grummer explains how it is not always easy for us to grasp what Jesus meant when he spoke about the gospel of his kingdomin fact, Jesus himself had to explain it to his own disciples. Since we live in a different time and culture than the people of Jesuss day, modern-day Christians can benefit from some clarification about the fuller meaning of his stories and teachings.

Knowing how your own understanding of the gospel of the kingdom compares to Jesuss proclamations will help you to more easily see how the savior wants you to enhance your faith. And with this enhanced understanding and faith, all Christians can enjoy stronger and more intimate relationships with Christ.

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