Just Wingin’ It
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Just Wingin’ It

One Woman’S Comical Collection of Musings, Reflections, and Observations on This Thing We Call Life
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Jackie Klemme-Beisert
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Jackie Klemme-Beisert holds impressive parenting credentials: she waters and feeds her children on a regular basis. Her houseplants, on the other hand, are an entirely different manner.
In a collection of anecdotes and other stories based on her life, Klemme-Beisert humorously reflects on the ups and downs of raising four children, how a crush on Leif Garrett transformed into a dream of becoming an actress, why an epiphany led to a pledge to dance on every Coyote Ugly bar in the world, and how overcoming a long-held fear led her to drive into Mexico without a map, a phone, or knowing a lick of Spanish. Klemme-Beiserts other amusing stories include helpful hints for newlyweds, insight on why a bloodcurdling scream will summon a game warden quicker than anything, and tips on why no one should ever put dishwashing liquid in a dishwasher or let a pet bird fly near a ceiling fan.

Just Wingin It shares one womans humorous musings on motherhood, marriage, and everything in between as she embraces a life full of laughter.

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