Not All Texans Ride Horses
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Not All Texans Ride Horses

The Sequel to Weed, Speed, and Other Stuff
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Jacob Jones
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Austin, Texas, is the county seat, the state capital, and the home of the University of Texas. Even with all of that, it still had a small-town feel when author Jacob Jones was growing up there. In Not All Texans Ride Horses, Jones offers a personal and engaging retrospective and memoir of what life was like growing up in the sixties and seventies in Austin.
He tells how growing up in the fifties and sixties gave the youth of the day an attitude of rebellion, and he discusses how Austins diverse population contributed to that. Jones shares how Vietnam was on their minds, but it wasnt something they worried about. Their age group was more into partying than worrying about defending the right to party.

From riding motorcycles in the hallway to racing in the city streets and hanging out, Not All Texans Ride Horses offers a collection of short stories depicting a youthful life in the fifties and sixties. Through all the ups and downs and the memorableand forgettabledays and nights, Jones reminisces about his adventures and shows how God was there to keep him on track.

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